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that ted rogers put there for nixon and he said, don't let anybody change this. i said, get out of the way or i'm going to call the police. he immediately left and i changed the air conditioning back to normal. wilson understand the game and how it was going to be played. the candidates had their jobs to do, so did their handlers. he said his opponent, he said, he wanted to keep his job because of the screw-up that happened in the first debate. this is what goes on in politics. that's "hardball" for now. thanks for being with us. tomorrow i'll be in denver. cong up, miclle obama voting binin ohio. early > in the big finh, more republicanock the vo efforts are uncovered here in lorado. we'll ve the detai i'l and talk wh the chrman of the decraticarty. stay tun. 're right back. we'll have live editions of "hardball" at 5:00 and 7:00 eastern. and complete coverage of the debate with my msnbc colleagues at 8:00. "the ed show" starts right now. good evening, americans. welcome to "the ed show." 25 hours before the first presidential debate and 35 days until the 2012 election. mitt romney and paul ryan are scrambling. robert gibbs is here tonight to respond. this is "the ed show." let's get to work.
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you can use your charitable deduction or home mortgage deduction and can fill a that bucket, if you will. >> mitt romney breaks out the golden bucket to save his budget. tonight, obama campaign's senior adviser on mitt romney's fuzzy math. devastating new poll numbers show mitt romney's secret video is crushing his campaign. >> i'll never convince them they should take personal sleep train's inventory clearance sale ends columbus day. geyenancing on tempur-pedic. save 10%, 20%, even 35% on a huge selection of simmons and sealy clearance mattresses. responsibility. >> richard wolffe on how aggressive the president needs e to be on the 47% tape. mitt romney's billionaire base is starting to lose their cool. >> we need leadership, not criticism. we need encouragement, not discouragement. >> e.j. deon on why billionaires who do so well under obama can't stand the president. and democrats with a victory for voters in pennsylvania, but even get free delivery! don't miss 3 years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. the inventory clearance sale ends monday. superior service, best selection, lowest price, guaranteed. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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republican voter fraud is getting swept under the rug here in colorado. tonight the latest on the rnc's voter fraud scandal. good to have you with us. thanks for watching. we're coming to you tr from denver, colorado. the first presidential debate one day away. this is the romney pre-game show. will mitt romney be held accountable for lies and distortions about president obama's record? we got a sneak preview of what happens when mitt romney is forced to tell the truth. a fox affiliate here in denver asked romney to explain what paul ryan could not, how he plans to pay for $5 trillion tax cut by only eliminating deductions. >> there's an option. you could say everybody is going to get up to a deduction and you could use your home mortgage deduction or others, health care deduction and fill that bucket, if you will, the $17,000 bucket that way and higher income are bk. eavoting kicked off the battlegroundta of ohio da are red voters. the buckeye state looking . but attemp to kill off early vong by republicans have obama supporters camd out at polling stationsround ohio
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people might have a lower number. >> at least the plan has a name. it's the bucket plan. mitt romney will cap deductions at $17,000 for all americans. is that good for the middle class? do the math. for rich americans, the cap, it just might be lower than that. he was very vague on that point as well. the big problem with romney's bucket plan besides being hilarious is it would only cover $1 to $2 trillion of the $5 trillion tax cut. last night as partf the slee t the vote effort. polls ofcially opened at 8:0 a.m. this morning and thousands of voters have already cast their ballots. this is good news for president oba as early voters favor mocrats. first day voter turnover in lucas county doubled that in 2008. of the 928 vot tre were 696 democrats, 40 republicans, 192 with no affiation. mielle obaired up voters in cincinnati today. that's according to the tax policy center. they figured it out. even when romney gives specifics he doesn't answer the questions. e we still don't know how he plans to pay for the tax cuts without hurting the middle class. paul ryan is sticking to his reason for not giving any specifics to chris wallace on fox news. he said he had no time. >> i'm going to give you the time now to answer the question. she waed supporterthe figh. >> earlyr1 voting starts tay.. we need you to sign up to make phoncalls,o knock on drsto helpo to tu k to everybody you know mi them at'st ake in this electio shortly after that, the obama mplying
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>> when i start getting the numbers. >> that's right. >> ryan was given the time by bloomberg television. he had a new excuse for not being specific. he says mitt romney can't show congress all of his cards before he gets elected. >> you don't say to congress to democrats you want to work with, take it or leave it. it's all my way or the highway. you say here's my framework. obviously, the numbers add up. we have shone that. >> hang on a second. voters in cincinnati president obama's mpaign i simply outworking the romney camp in ohio. thffices d compared to 36 for rney. 38% of the ohio vote was cast early bere the ection in 2008.%. in their power to block the vote in ohio, but thanks toolid work from the ama campaign, eir efforts are failing early . ryan says they have shown these numbers and shown how they work. folks, they have not. it's impossible to show how numbers work when you refuse to provide the numbers. this is what the debate moderator and the american people need to watch out for tomorrow night to be on guard against. the romney campaign shows time and time again that they are willing to flat out lie whenever it just suits the evening, when the latest quinnc ama with a 10-inlead over but beware. michael delaware caucus had the ad back in 198 this is a long haul, but it's a great star night in our svey, i asked will mitt romney continue his campaign of lies at tomoow's debate? >>ng u> comi the good news and bad news for voters. a key court casend voter
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it suits them just fine, they will throw it out there and hope it sticks to the wall. most of the keystones to romney's campaign are based on lies and distortions. let's go through them all. romney says president obama stole billions from medicare. the president cut wasteful spending. romney's camp created an entire ad campaign about president obama revoking the work requirement from welfare. the ads were totally debunked but romney kept airing them any way and stands by them today. good debate talk tomorrow night. mitt romney says he's going to repeal obama care and replace it regist scandal. detail when is we come back. @$ with something to keep people from being uninsured. but an analysis from the commonwealth fund shows mitt romney would leave 72 million more people uninsured, 12 million higher than before obama care. recently mitt romney said his campaign never ran any intentionally false advertising. we have been ab chutely spot-on, he said.
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any time there's anything that's been a miss we correct it or remove it. i kind of talk like romney, don't i? this is coming from a guy whose first campaign ad against barack obama presented a quote about john mccain and pretended that president obama was saying it about himself. they defended the ad as honest. romney is running on his business create. he says he created 100,000 jobs as the ce ork as bain. he claimed he had no involvement with managing bain after 1999. but wait a minute. sec filings show him as the ceo and sole stake holder in the company for three additional years. now during those years, what happened? thousands of people were laid off in the bain companies while mitt romney profited. speaking of bain, romney says he's going to get tough on china
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as president if he's elected. even though his recent tax returns show that he was making investment money all from chinese internet companies accused of stealing american content. he says president obama apologizes for america overseas even though not a single transcript ever shows him apologizing. when mitt romney had a chance to weigh in on the international incident, what did he do? he accused president obama of sympathizing with american enemies. back here at home, romney says the stimulus did not create a single job even though the budget office says it created as 3.3 million jobs. we got more. president obama raised taxes on the the middle class until last week when he slipped up and said president obama never raised taxes but will raise them soon. it was mitt romney who said let detroit go bankrupt.
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then he saw what happened after the automobile loan from the federal government saved 1.5 million american jobs and ohio's economy. and all of a sudden, mitt romney says the auto loan, that was just a good idea. and mitt romney says he will be the president for all americans. don't forget that. even though he was caught on tape saying he can never convince 47% of americans to take responsibility for themselves. this is why mitt romney can't be let off the hook in the debate tomorrow night. but it's hard to press him on these issues when he doesn't even answer the questions. here it is. >> what is the biggest misconception about you in the public debate right now? >> we'll have to create more jobs, have less debt and shrink the size of government. >> misconceptions about you? >> you get to ask the questions you want and i get to give the answers i want. >> i hope there's a moment like that tomorrow night. not going to be easy for jim in the big finh tonight, the republicans suffered a setback in court. republics in pennia ylva tried to suppress the vote tough voter it could have kept at least 758,000 people from voting. but today the judge blocked a key part of the law.
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lehrer. even if romney won't answer for them, it needs to be spelled out loud and clear to the american people who have been lied to. mitt romney has not been straight with americans on where he stands and where he wants to take the country and there's no better platform than for the president to take him to the house. how can you expect him to be straight with you as president when he can't even run his own campaign? his ruling means voters will be asked r an i. but they can go ahead and vote without one. thruling only covers thi election. the decision is bad news for repuicanin pennsylvani r thearlie year one of the party leaders boasted the law would help mitt romney win the election. >> voter i.d., whi is gog to allow mitt romney to win the state of pennsylvania, done. >> pennsylvania is just one of 41 stateto pass rerictive get your cell phones out. tonight's question, will mitt romney continue his campaign of lies at tomorrow's debate? text a for yes or b or no. you can always go to our blog. we'll bring you the results later on in the show. joining me is robert gibbs, senior obama campaign adviser. great to have you with us tonight. there's so much meat on the bones here. we have laid out all of the distortions and the lies that we have seen from the romney campaign. new voting laws since president obama won in 2008. so far 17 states have successfully pasd restrictive votesing laws since president oba won the white hous republicans in ohio tried e gop tried to purge the voter roles in florida. the republicans have cimed all along they are try stop voter fraud. but look what happens. it turns outhey are the ones who were cheating.
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there's a lot of target-rich environment for president obama. what about this tax plan. is president obama obligated to supporters to point out to them that this is flawed? what do you think? >> i think the moderators are going e to ask governor romney about a lot of the things that you just talked about. i hope the moderator gives governor romney a chance to do a t out the vote scandal is rocking the republican p. sttegic allied consulting s er . now theyre firinthe firm. florida has turned up 100 suspicious voterorms and in colorado one worker was caught on tape claiming s worked r you work for romney what paul ryan said he didn't have time to do and that is explain how they pay for a $5 trillion tax cut. as you pointed out, ed, it is a time problem that is vexing in this budget. it's a math problem. they can't pay for it. if they can't pay for it, then they are going to raise taxes on the middle class. that's what the economic studies have shown. and look, i don't know anybody >> i thought you we rej sterg voters. >> i am. who areou registering? all voters? >> i'm trying to register people for a particular party because we're out here in support of romney actually. >> who is paying you for this? >> let me see, we're wki for thcounty clerk's office. >> that went viral. sttegic lied consuing and ens any wrg doing veo
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who thinks we're another tax cut for a millionaire away from a stronger middle class. that's just not how we have built our economy before and it's not how we're going to continue to make our country on the debate moderator to do itill ?e present be >> ihink the debate morato think the president will push back pticularly on some of these budget and tax issues. i have no doubthey are going to get a chance to talk about e b and mitt romney is wanting to letetroit go bankpt. whatsoever. here's the bottom line. the republicans talk about preventi voter fraud but they et caught doing t cheating. joining me tonight is rick polasio, chairman of the democratic party. there' re in the statofolorado. why isn't voter registration, this scandal, getting more tention this n ts state? >> it shld be getting more and i think the president looks towards tomorrow as a great opportunity to have a long conversation with the amic pele aut where we have been, about the h times we have been through, thprogress we're maki, and postmportaly what we wa tdo to rengthen manufacturing, cre world and before, some real strength and famili. attention. it's outrageous th the repuicrted history of committin fraud. itappening herin and in other states and it's unfortunate that more media outlethaven't beenicking >> this videotape is damagg d v. i feel sorry forhe girl. she's caught up in something she's probably not are of. what are you doing to counter th ground game out there? >> it's a good point.
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>> is the 47% comment the game changer so f? does the obama cpaigfeel this really has put the ndt your back? this is a clear distinction about who cares about the 100% and the 47%. there's new pe from paul ryan that has surfaced. here's ryan talking about peopl assistance. here it is. i feel badlyf for this woman because it sounds to me like she was under ve strict orders to not divulge who she was working for. whre goingo continue to do iup until the election, make sure we turn them out the y an was in place.@á >> colorado has en enly split r almo a generation. >> before too ng, would become society we were never tended to be. we could become a society whe americans are takers and not makers, % of amerins want the american dream.theyelieve i idea. only 30% wt the lfare ste. >> doesn't had this show the american people what rney and ryan thinkbout struggling americans? >> absolutel my favorite ing is mitt romneye how cahelpn you resident obama win this election, to keep the state blue, and how crucial do you think your state is? >> is no doubt that corado a battleground state. we only have nine electoral votes, but we're confidentf we work t w going to gfor thesident. we have an iredie ground operation. we have 59 field offices open. this is a neighbor to nehbor ca
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h i hope that mitt romney e gets a chance to elegantly state what he said outh47% of the erican peot caring enough to takeesponsibily r their own situations i life.d i think, you kw,hat that what tsuspecteabout or romney and paul ryan and th is they don't really care aut the middle class in this country. they a not really concned >> ycerned about the hispanic voter suppression republicans are doing? and how important is that hispanic votto preside obama in this state? >> the hisnic vote is incredibly important. it's importa in colorado and across the cntry. wsy to vote, but second, you have to take responsibili and ensure that you are registered to vote. if you think y are, go online and make sure that you are registered. because it is going to come down about and they certainly don un wharstandit's like to work hard and try to g ahe in the country. to play by the rules, but have a different set of rules for pele like s that's whathat tape did. it crystallized fopele that thiss not a grp that believes in middle economic recovery. it's all about top down. >> all right. robert gibbs, greato have you with utonight "the ed show." to perhaps just several thousand vote >> it's gointo be thatight? we had an election in 2010 with senator michael bennett and his reblican 15,000 vote es. you never know. you wi us. than so much
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remb to answer the q twitter @edshow. the roey camp ys they are prared for t7% cments. can he reverse the dame? richard wolffe andlex wagner will join me next for the discussion. stay tuned ú2m i want to thank everyone athe vernor there for the nbc esidential debate eve watch party. we're heading over there right now. how." looking forward to it. the "the rachel maddow show"
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> show mitt romney's 47% comments have te an toll. can tomorrow's debate be a game changer? iew, next.lffe and alex wagner e obama campaign launches a new ad targeting mitt romn's investment in china with bain capita we'lhave the responsand ta withhio senator sherrod brown. and a big day for swing state voters. early voting begins in ohio and a pennsylvania court b voter d. law. all the details. and on ttter using the #edshow.
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thanks for wching "the ed show." mitt romney is runng behind in the polls. he needs to bring his a game tomorrow night. does he has have a game? romney has an uphi climb on his hands. done some al damagto the campaign. is being given analysis by the americaneople. >> that infamous piece otape american peopl st poll shows just 23% of likely votersay romy's comments made th tnk more 45% said it madefeel more
12:19 am
romn senior adviser ed gillese sa they are expecting the 47% remark to come up in tomorrow's date and is prepared to an it and address it. we believe the voters willee and appreciate the facat overnor romney'salking about uld improvthe ity ericans. joining me tonight is msnbc political analysrichd wolffe and host of "now with alex wagn",lex wagner. congratulations on your show. it's realltaken off. >> thank you, ed. >> there's dage here. mee polls owt. you can almost feel it. richard, how does heeverse the damage tomorrow night? >> if he'srte the debate as a c reintroduce himselto the american people. he blew that opporni
12:20 am
conventions, but this isn't a moment for zingers. this ia moment about lainthe punch. no matter w mu me measured approach at thiss a conversation, this is a case where he sn communicatedhoe is and what he stands fo the problem in the context of the 47% what's bn the explaining narrative for everything you don't like about beyond tt and say this is who i really am. he's notust sayi w he is, but he's saying thguy i ink that guy. it's hard do in awo-mute response. >> alex, how aggive do you ink president obama should be with aover the distortions at have come from e romney where does it take the president tomorrow night? o i thi's no way the ntn the 47ing.
12:21 am
prepared for. there's so many other things t president can take romney to task f. everytng from his recent comments abo amnesty for the childrenf documented workers, which is a veal from ear i his tax policy, which is thing everso confusing that there's no amount of time in which ul ryan or mitt romney specifics. if i were obama, t7% at the end of the day,he american public want specifics therd are a mberf policy items where the president is in a stng position. >> well, richard, find it amazinthat a couple days before the debate, wch is big atrm for mitt romney because of wt the polls are doinome up
12:22 am
this tax plan that he fully can't explain.rk mentality.ction between thcaidates? >> the problem for theresident is he's debating a piecef jell every time he tries to close shape. position on prlife?es him a ver debate opponent if y think itbout engagement and everythinge ve h-]eard from 's about engement. that's what they wanto do. i think the president will take a different ta, which is ignore the oer side. speak to people in t living room about yourself. you may like him, yomay not like him, t you know who the president is. you can'say the othething is true about theer middle class being buried. here it is.
12:23 am
ice president biden just today id that the middlelass ag. of crse,he middle class has been burie theyre being bied by g, they ar economic failures. the romney campaign is takingo. alex, will it work or is it st desperation? think it's a real whenever t romney campaign ies play on the same field the president and joe biden. nobodys a better surrogate, spe working and middle class than joe biden.ryan. that straighto camera sh,
12:24 am
you saw th campaigns come out with ads. president obama isuch tt spker. he's more dict and communicates warh and honesty. from mitt romney it seems hollow. if i were e romney campaign, i woulstay with e fix it thing. everying ort ofoming out with mops and brooms and talkbout the ecomy. whever thetrine americttack, it never works for them. they fall flat and ialwa rings hollow. >> alex, richard, great to have th uyou wion "the ed show." coming u the obama campaign reld a new ad hammering mitt romney for outsourcing jo to a chinese any nditions durg his time at sherrod n will be joining me on that d other issues. and billioires are getting antsy about the possibility of president obama's reelecon. and th a starting to whine big're watching "thed " 
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welcome back t"t ed show." anks for watchin they had invested in global tech. it's a chinese-based company less than two weeks after the companomoted i inexpenve lar and low tax rate. mitt president and ceo of the brookside fund at the time. now just ahead of the first presidential debate, the obama caai has released this hard-hitting ad in several manufacturg and swing states.
12:29 am
>> these appliances could have be made heamerren a, but a company called global tech maximizeprofits by paying employees next to nothing. wh saw it as a goodnvestmt even knowing that t firpromed its practice of low-wage lab mitt romney, tough on china? since >> a romney spokeswoman responded, this is another overard ad from a president s failure to stand up to chi. the statement goes on, but not once does it actually deny any of the charges against mitt she. good to have you with us tonight. i think this latest obama ad plays rit to the workers of ohio. mitt romney and bain capital other manufacturg states?t has
12:30 am
how damagings this? >> it's been very damaging.en a explode. take auto parts.illi with china auto pts today it's $10 billion. that's why the president at th urging of a number of us, they have taken china to thworld trade organization to show china tariffs protectmerin seeing a pattern of the government finally othe side of workers, finally on the def american mufacring, a nenst china. havl mill. we're eing jobs actually come to this country or stay in this country cawe're anng up a enforci trade rules. >>omney and the republicans keep talng about another tax cut for the b crrs. profitsy
12:31 am
outsourcinthisay? i mean, the model that romney coulit be good fororkersn ohio? well, it'not. cuts for thit doe't work. what works is when you buiheout. e au reshas worked in but re thathe percentage points ler than in 2010. we have more tire jobsmore l jobs, moluminum jobs i want the president to take one more steand that is anroey could help uwith this. th could pass my legislation inhe hou. we he passed it t senate to level t playingieldn chinese currency, the largest sete.tisan jobs bill tss the
12:32 am
>> he hasn't. and the romney camp keeps coming ba. it'sassed theenate and boehner won't bring up inhe use. the obama campaign iout toda with a new ad about a campai op mitt roey made in ohio. i wa to get your reaction to it heret is >> the coal mine in thesads, tus out ey were told tt atan ory.y was, quotemandat their mineas clod, lt the d. commerci. >> employees fl th wer foed to go. they had to ta the day off hey had a li of who was the anwho wasn. th felt ey woun't have a job if they didn't go. >> on one handthe si mol iso outsource the jobs.
12:33 am
the an>> nsurpri. i go bac if mitt romney would pick up the phoncall john bone in our effort, we're put this. 20 senators have snea come to ouasroots. put pressure on boehner. we'll schedu this trade china.emengisliofo in jobs. the stuff thatomney is talking about. >> you're not ing to get a leer from mitt romney. you have a greatdea, senator, buy caidatthat would use forc workers to be props in a aign, i wouldn't count on him foanhing lf hr. stay right her voter i.d., which isoing to allow mitt romney to win the state of penylvania, done. replican voter suppreion in pennsylvania isealt a death
12:34 am
blow in the urts. but the eating goes onn colorado. toght an update on the voter aud scandal. rly vong starts today. today. >> t firstady isiring up  suorte as tewarm t polls. io early ving.the latest on billionairsupporters are complaining about the presid louder than ever.dership,ot crm. we need courement, not diourament >> tonight e.j. onnen the on me.
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r at least few years now, we have been told how president oba is jalienati wall street billionaires have got it so
12:38 am
rough. they are going to turn agast him to make sure president obama isot reelected. you goto admit looks pretty strong in thpolls, some of these billioires are beginning whine a little bit. they d't le the environment what's happening. here's sam z >> how the, quote, 1% or t 10%, the top earners mov ahead of everydy. i wonder i coation between while they were mg ahead, the rest of the govement wassidizing, bsidizing more m people. i inthey are disinnte vised byf you dot pay fo that's thing you dot ve to worr about. >> he sounds le he could b sittinat mitt ey
12:39 am
his disdain of the 47% is the same as mitt romy' he'sot the only algart complaining. leon cooperman, this hedge fund manager and former obama suorter, sd this, you know, the largest and greatest country in t free world put a 47-year-old guy at nev made himarge of the free and rld. not totay different from taking adolph hier in germany d ng him in charge of germany because people were is absolutely ssatisfied. pulsive. what arese billionaire upt about? the stk market is up or 100% since 2009. corporate profits arat an 18-yeahigh.
12:40 am
in 5ars. better, but they hatobam beuse we might be going down new study says e sure mitt romney's health care pl wouldn't just take us back it the levels of uninsured americans that existed before obama care, itctuaould a make things woe. accoing to t fund, romney's plan would increase the numb to 72 million. i guess sam zellhinks that would give those peoplan en you're a billionae, you reavto worry about an, ytngou? let's turn te.j. dionne, msnbc contributoand author of the book "our divided polical hear" great have you with us tonit. it would seem to me if thereas one portion of our society quiet
12:41 am
about the way things are going inur economy it would the wealthiest aricans. how does this play out? >> younow, this is very, ry strange and disrbing thin as you said. i mean the piece that's inspiring a lot of conversations about th is the wonderful piece in "the new yorkerwhic is a real document for oure. one of the things she says, she reports on sense of ctization among so many of america's wealthiest people. thefeel like the victims, io& guess all of the cntry ought to feeke what's amazing here is the anti-oba venom. let's back to mar of 2009. the economy, the whole system on twas vergef collapse thstocmarket was dow 6,000s. d ama made two decisions. one was to prop the thinup and keep it go alliance with other countries around the world and literally saved the fortunes
12:42 am
but he made a second decision. there were progrves who t we sh more questions abo hget into th ple and president obama didn't gore because his advisers we worried if you push the system too hard, it might collap. d so here are folks whose founes were saved in significant part by the s polic are complaing because he you to. very strange. >> these guys got exactly wh th.need leadershiot criticism. until th scenario chans, i think the unit states is, quote, unquote, and i hate to use this word, in a malaise. >> what the hell is talking about?
12:43 am
he's being criticized and president obama hasn't provided leadership. your thougs on this. of in that piece, she tes th 93 gains in the recovery of 210, % we009/20 to the top 1%. isn't that encragement enough? and what about encouragement to they couldt e a little buing up? itery weird to hav ri people feike victims. and beg very rich n't rld exactly e way they do. and i don't kn how any group of peoplcan expect that. for people like us who would say ch to finance. maybe we shoulgive more to manufacting more king people. that's just not true. so this is aemarkable pot we have come .
12:44 am
>> it really is a rerkable point. the people that have gotten all the breaks, that have gotten the deregulation and tax breaks and the best tax rates they ve had in yea, they are complaining aboua president who not saying the rht things to him. i aznd it g. j., eat to have you with us. > coming up, early voting cked offn ohio today. things are looking goofor eside. we'll g u all of the laterothe buckeye state next. stay with us.
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